Advanced Diploma in Multimedia

'Multimedia' as the name suggests is many medias together where 'multi' means many and 'media' means a information transfer medium or a communication medium.

What could these 'many media' be? There are numerous and diverse ways of communication using mediums like-text, pictures, graphics, videos and sounds. Multimedia provides a platform to bring these mediums together to form a presentation, which is loaded with creativity and information that enhances the viewers experience with its interactive features.

Course Objective

This course is intended to make a student proficient in computer generated graphics and print media technology. The Course covers all aspects of digital images, creating still and motion graphics, editing digital videos, mixing, dubbing and editing sounds, adding special effects and compositing your scenes and finally render everything into a movie.

Course Details

  • Module01

    Design & Print Production


    Deliver innovative ideas in print and graphic designing. Develop high impact vector and raster graphics, create realistic composites and apply techniques to create eye-catching and effective images.

    Softwares covered
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Indesign
    • PageMaker
    • Quark Express
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Corel Draw
  • Module02

    Drawing Skill Development & 2d Animation


    Drawing classes are based on basic formal trainings on art. For a beginner of art drawing classes could appear widely helpful. This may help one to Create 2D cartoons and 2D motion picture.

    Softwares covered
    • Basic drawing, hand drawing and cartoon character sketching
    • 2d Animation
  • Module03

    Web designing & Interactive content Creation


    Create and maintain interactive web designs, web sites, flash presentations, mobile device content, interactive CD presentations, standalone kiosks and web content.

    Softwares covered
    • Flash
    • Dreamweaver
    • Macromedia Director
  • Module04

    3D Animation


    Make a student proficient in world’s leading tools for 3D animation and special effects. Create high end 3D movies using advanced 3d tools and special effects

    Softwares covered
    • Autodesk 3ds Max
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Mudbox or Motion Builder
  • Module05

    Video Editing & Digital Compositing


    The course covers all the aspects of digital images, creating still and motion, editing digital video, adding special effects to your scene and make interactive media design. Render your work for film and broadcast.

    Softwares covered
    • Autodesk combustion Or Autodesk Toxic
    • Audition
    • Adobe premiere pro
    • After Effects
  • Module06

    Internship training program


    Paper One Desing and Print Production, 2d Animation, Web Designing and Interactive Content Creation

    Paper Two Editing ,Compositing And 3d

    Paper Three Viva & Project submission